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From the Ancient Oracle of Delphi to the contemporary search engine of Google

Sanctuaries and oracles such as Delphi were centers of information and advice on colony planning and shaping a consciousness of a Hellenic identity.


This was the navel of the Ancient Greek world, where people relied heavily on oraclesto predict the future, reveal secret information and answers to their deepest questions.

Delphi’s famed oracle — an office held by a long line of high priestesses believed to be the mouthpiece of the god Apollo — for centuries answered questions from visitors near and far. Actually Pythia, the priestess presiding over the Oracle of Apollo, could supposedly give you the answer to any question you asked, sort of a gateway to ultimate knowledge. 

Have a look on a few astonishing examples proving that the words of the wise Oracle of Delphi are as true today as they were in the ancient times:

The mentally unstable Roman emperor, Nero, relentlessly tried to learn the timing and circumstances of his death from the Oracle at Delphi. The message he received was “beware of the seventy-third year,” so the emperor continued on in a false sense of security, until shortly after this omen he was killed by Galba, who happened to be 73-years-old.

Cicero asked the common Google search question: “how to become famous.”

Unfortunately, back in the days of Roman emperor Theodosius I, the oracle was shut down as it was associated with pagan cults and beliefs.

However, it remains a great tourist attraction until this day, as people from all over the world travel to see the ruins of Delphi and the famous Delphic oracle.

Nowadays, people try to control the future, seek quick responses to their questions and expect that obtaining information on just about any subject should be instantaneous — or as simple as typing a question into Google’s search bar; a slight contrast from writing questions on lead tablets and submitting them to the Oracle of Delphi, proving that not much has changed in modern times from those of our ancient ancestors.

The modern technology that we live with today gives way to the legend of the Oracle of Delphi. It reflects the basic human need to try to control or at least anticipate the future.

Perhaps the message that the Delphic oracle revealed in ancient days to both Croesus of Lydia and Chilon of Sparta is a message that can still speak to humans today. When they asked the oracle what was most important and the best thing to know, they both received the same answer from the oracle, saying that you must “know thyself.”

Thus, the oracle pointed people to consider what expectations and abilities they had to influence the events of the future.

Source: greekreporter.com