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The elegant "Fedriades" Delphi Hotel welcomes you in the town of Delphi. Centrally located and within walking distance to the famous Archaeological Sites & Museum.

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Fedriades is an elegant Hotel, situated in the heart of the city of Delphi, the  “navel of earth”. Built in traditional Greek style, within an easy walking distance of the Archaeological Museum and the sights.  

It overlooks the magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf and the valley of Pleistos. Offers free Wi-Fi and use of the hotel's PC. The well known Epikouros Restaurant serves a variety of fine Greek and Mediterranean dishes. The hotel also features stylish and spacious lounges and a cozy Bar-Cafe.  

Fedriades has an excellent reputation that founded on care, enthusiasm, and nice location of the hotel. As a family-run hotel, it assures personal attention to guests' needs in a warm and comfortable interior.  

Member of Delphi Hotels Group is also:
- In Delphi, at 100m distance from Fedriades: Parnassos Hotel http://www.parnassos.org
- In Delphi, at 30m distance and opposite to Fedriades: Epikouros Restaurant http://www.epikouros.net
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Latest News

  • 26-06-2017
    Tips for your visit at Delphi Greece

    After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Located 180 kilometers from Athens, a trip to Delphi is listed in just about every tour itinerary and is by far the most popular day trip out of Athens.

  • 26-06-2017
    The Museum of Delphic Festivals – one of the modern places of interest in Delphi

    Once in Delphi, do not miss the Museum of Delphic Festivals! Give yourself a little time to visit this small but very interesting museum, also known as the Museum of Angelos and Eva Sikelianos. The museum is housed at the Sikelianos former residence, which was restored by the European Cultural Centre of Delphi to honor their memory.